Shannon, Weaver, and Wiener attorneys at law.

Speaking in terms of the Shannon model of communication, it is the dominant force in communication in our society. The majority of information transmitted around us on a daily basis is more concerned about getting their then it is with the meaning of its message. Thinking in terms of “The Medium Is The Message” this works perfectly. The information can be anything, a string of letters, numbers, pictures, faces, etc. As long as it gets there then the medium will take care of the rest.

Another point is that information can be counted. Meaning on the other hand has no numerical value, therefor it is….meaningless so to speak. With are culture being more and more informational then meaningful we like to have something we can derive a value from instead of something that is theory weightless.

To play devils advocate here, meaning is all we know when we break ourselves down to a primal level. You give a baby a list of numbers and they will most likely lick the paper and rip it apart. Give a baby a list of numbers that is very simple but, plays music that induces a happy meaning and they will laugh and be giddy.

Speaking of what happens when information becomes more important then meaning.  One cannot exist without the other. Information deals with how the message gets to its destination. Meaning is the content and quality of message.

Doing my best to give an example of what I consider equivocation…..

In my apartment complex are AC unit is a horribly loud piece of junk. It actually sounds like a siren going off at times. Well earlier today I hear what I thought was a tornado siren due to the weather and the fact that we have a nasty storm front coming through. I was worried and so were my room mates that we were going to have a tornado ripping through our apartment.

Turns out it was just the good old AC unit kicking in for its last cycle.


2 thoughts on “Shannon, Weaver, and Wiener attorneys at law.

  1. Liked your example you used for equivocation. Although, think you might want to get that worked on if it can equal a tornado siren. The ac seemed to have pranked you and your roommates pretty good.

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