Decoding the coded coding of the decoded which was coded.

Stuart hall with his communication model states that the message is not determined by who sends it but by who receives it. He also goes into breaking the decoding of the message into sections.

Dominant Reading which means the reader agrees with the message and falls into the code accepted by the reader.

Oppositional reading in which the reader has an opposition with the dominant reading and rejects the code that the message is sending out.

When I think of oppositonal reading I think of one man and one man only, Glenn Beck. The image above is from when Arizona passed the papers please law asking immigrants to have their papers ready for review at any time any where. This law also gave the police the power to detain anyone who resembled an illegal immigrant.

Depending on your political stand point at the time this could be consider harsh or a good start to fighting illegal immigration. Glenn Beck took this, disagreed with everything that was said, and being ranting and raving about how this was going to lead us closer and closer to a Nazi style country. The image attached to this post is actually from his broadcast in response to the law being passed (Which I can’t lie I find it quite funny).

Glenn beck compared this situation to the Gestapo hunting down Jewish people and throwing them in concentration camps and that soon enough we would be building concentration camps for illegal immigrants. I know you’re most likely shaking your head at this moment, laughing, or wondering how in the hell he made this connection. To put it simply Beck has Nazi tourette’s.

As for myself my first reaction to the law was “What the heck?”, while it is racist in nature and very non american I somewhat found it necessary and accepted it. I cannot lie the law does need some tweaking but it is on the right path.


One thought on “Decoding the coded coding of the decoded which was coded.

  1. I think Glenn Beck is an interesting example of this–the question from Hall’s perspective might be: is this oppositional decoding, since in some ways one might argue that in many contexts Beck is supporting a dominant political ideology. Still, it does appear in most contexts he we decode all signals to yield the same received message!

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