This news cast was bought and paid for by bigcorp inc.

This shows how a corporation can use a news cast, instill fear, and say we can help just buy our product! In this case it is identity theft which is a pretty big industry now thanks to news programs like this. I understand that some news stations are going under and the big corporation says, “HEY RUN THIS AND WE PAY YOU!” but, at what cost?

I tried to do some digging to find out if this company actually made any money off this broadcast but, I could not find anything. I am pretty sure with this broadcast they saw a large increase in sales of their products. The way the used “Spin” was very well done also.

Corporations seem to have this down to an art now. With the use of something new we can be afraid of, idenity theft, corporations know when people get scared the first thing they do is spend money to fix it. Making use of the police officer listing different ways of telling if its a threat and then the spokesperson coming in from the company spouting his babble about he can fix it and they have all these different tests to check for any potential harms was brilliant. Its kinda like if you had all these signs of a horrible disease and someone came up (The Spokesperson in this case) and said “HEY I CAN FIX IT!”.

Howard brought up a lot of points I have seen before and some I have not. I must say so far this has been one of my favorite readings and blog topics.


One thought on “This news cast was bought and paid for by bigcorp inc.

  1. OK, PRwatch gives you a nice example of this, but I would have loved to see what you could have dug up on your own. VNRs are pretty invasive. What is particularly interesting to me is that government agencies have gotten in the game as well. The Bush administration got in some hot water over this, if you recall.

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