You want to know what I have been learning in college, well here ya go!

Marshall McLuhan, the man who coined the phrase,”The Medium is the message” and who you have probably never heard of. If you have well congratulations you get a cookie. His main discussion was that the information we receive is not important but how it is delivered is.

If you are reading this and you’re scratching your had don’t worry I am going to break it down to such a simple level that even Glenn Beck could understand it !

Take for example when you and your parents would sit around and listen to the radio for the news and entertainment. You had to listen very intently and understand the words they were saying to fully understand what they were trying to send and understand. Fast forward a couple years and here comes the invention of the television, now you don’t have to pay as much attention as you used to the person speaking, now you focus more of the actual image. You also feel a deeper connection, like you are standing there on the battlefield of Vietnam or with Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the moon.

This is what McLuhan was trying to explain, it doesn’t matter what the information being sent is but how it is being delivered to the masses. People respond differently to different types of communication.

One example I have used in my discussions before in class was 9/11, think how different it would have been received if this news was delivered by a herald or a radio broadcast and not on televisions everywhere watching every second of the destruction that was cause by the terrorists.

Imagine what it would have been like if we had facebook and twitter back then during the events of 9/11? Would we have responded differently or acted differently ? I would like to say we would.


2 thoughts on “You want to know what I have been learning in college, well here ya go!

  1. I would explain sense ratios following McLuhan’s example to a point, the car is an extension of are feet letting us go somewhere faster, text is an extension of our eyes, radio is an extension of our ears etc.

    Speaking in terms of amputations, look at what television has done to our grammar, sense we no long have to rely just on our eyes and comprehension of the text we now have become lazy in terms of reading.

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