Ima tell a story!


Following the release the release of the video game Deus Ex:Human Revolution, the game’s publisher made this documentary telling the story of various people who have augmentations done to replace body parts they have lost. The video lets the people tell the story of how these products replace the lost body part and how it relates to the new game. The media affordance in this video is used very well. Switching between clips of the game, to the people with the augmentations and the technology of how the augmentations work. Without the use of video this documentary would fall to deaf ears. It would be very hard to compare the different augmentations we have now to those shown in this science fiction game.

The narrator is also a nice touch because he himself has an augmented eye. This allows the user listen to someone who has experienced with an augmentation allowing the user to get a first hand perspective. The experience would be completely different if someone just watched a video showing different advances in augmentations without the use of a narrator with an augmentation himself.


One thought on “Ima tell a story!

  1. Interesting–a different kind of digital storytelling–one that is clearly being used in the service of marketing communication.l I don’t think I have encountered something quite like this before. It’s *not quite* digital storytelling, but it certainly is exploiting the same affordances.

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