This post was made by everyone else in class.

Jenkins brings about this idea of a participatory culture. I think today with the advancement of technology and the internet it is more apparent then before. The line between producer and media consumer is growing very small. With the ability to have editing equipment on a personal computer more and more people have begun to create their own media and changing from consumers to producers. Most of these people are normal people like you and me. Sometimes they get inspired to take one of their favorite songs and use some audio editing equipment to mix the sounds around to make a whole new song. Lets take a look back at 30 years ago, the only people who had the ability to do that were producers. The average american couldn’t afford the equipment that was required to produce a remix of a song. Taking a look at myself I am a full time student and a web designer. I love to design graphics and take time to help people with their own pursuits into the realm of graphic design.

For an example I turn to the phenomenon known as dubstep :

Someone has taken the imperial march song from star wars and has remixed it into a dubstep mix. This has turned the person from a consumer of the star wars media into a producer of his own media.


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