Tactical media !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZJwSjor4hM (Possibly NSFW)


Anonymous being the big bad hacker group of the 21st century have been mentioned numerous times in the media. They are known as political hacktivists. This is one of their many examples. A little back ground on this story, Westboro has been calling out Anonymous for a while now and anonymous had refused to respond.

Finally they got the two on a radio show and Anonymous and Westboro sat down for a discussion. Westboro continued to nag Anonymous and calling them many different hateful slurs tell finally Anonymous took over their whole server for their online content and posted this…


It reminds of when activists took over the google search engine and caused certain searches to pull up George W Bushes biography. They took Westboros hate filled website and turned it into a giant joke.


One thought on “Tactical media !

  1. This is a really interesting example, given that Westboro is engaged in its own form of (somewhat old school) tactical media: create a protest so over the top that the mass media can’t help but cover it.

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