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The following is a poll and research done in an effort showing that a majority of people in Georgia support decriminalization of marijuana. This is a huge topic right now for a lot of states. With Colorado and Washington setting up and offering completely legal recreational marijuana and not just medical. 

One of the things that caught my attention with this poll and research was the fact they chose not to use a lot of millennials. The reason for this is a multiple pronged topic to put it lightly and in this blog I will try to discuss the situation. 

To begin with, the choice to use only 9% of respondents were millennials (Peachtree NORML, 2014) this is to show that older people who are more likely to vote would be willing to support a politician who would run on a ballot discussion marijuana reform. As noted in the study, millennials are known to be immensely supportive of marijuana reform and changes to the federal laws. 

By following this guideline the surveying company that did this may have produced a lower number than if they had allowed a larger amount of millennials to take part, but on the same side they allowed for a larger portion of the survey to show a non supportive attitude to this issue. What I mean in these terms is the fact that most people that of an older generation, mostly baby boomers, is that they are less supportive of new ideas. They grew up in a time of drug hysteria and reefer madness. Using less people in the millenials age range and more people in the higher age groups, 30+, may have skewed the results and made them a lot more spread apart.

Another one that strikes me as odd is the choice asking for sex. To me this violates some form of privacy among other things. Looking at this from a political standpoint on the other hands it makes perfect sense to me. Men and women both sometimes deviate greatly on how certain political issues should be handled and gathering this data during the survey is a big step. 


Fendrick, Sabrina (January, 22, 2014). 62% of Georgia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization –  Retrieved from       



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