Marietta and research things.



Oh joy a study for the city of Marietta. To begin with I would set up a qualitative study that would be sent out to a random number of residents. For this example we will use 1,000 truly randomly selected individuals. With a project like this everyone should have a chance to chime in and gives us their opinion.

We will pull the participants via tax records and voter registration cards. I am going to assume for them to be counted in the 67,000 residents they should either be a registered voter or a tax payer. The interviews will be held in their personal homes or at a location of their choosing. The questionnaire will be a simple set of questions to judge what people want from their city and what we could change and what kind of growth they want to see the mayor and the city council to push through.

Once this data has been gathered, analyzed, and reviewed. We will use it to help develop a survey that will be sent out to a larger number of participants. This will be used to spear head the next big community project. Using the data found through the interviews this will allow us to a construct a very concise survey with the options that people want.

Once the survey is finished and the data calculated I will present this to the mayor as a stepping point for the next project. I feel that using these methods will be able to give the people what they want. 

I am going to assume that the city’s budget will allows us to both qualitative and quantitative to reach a true answer (Mora, 2010). The reason I chose to start with qualitative is it allows you to test the waters so to speak and allow us to get an idea of what people in Marietta want. Once the data is gathered it can be refined into a quantitative study to help finalize the research for the mayor. I think this approach would provide the city with a good starting point for a new project and to help Marietta grow. 

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