I am too tired to think of a witty title.



I really want to crack a joke to start off this blog post, but I will refrain. Reading the study the author brings in a lot of discussion about statistics, but within the context of the research I will say this is a thematic analysis. He brings up points about how the authors use the words in the context of the books. The author seems to bounce around each thematic element touching on how each author handles their characters differently and he uses his research about the adjectives showing how the characters grow and change which is a neat observation. (Blatt, 2013)  With thematic analysis as we discussed in class we look for emotions or feelings, it’s like qualitative research, but instead of interviewing a person were interviewing raw information.

On the practicality of this research that’s an interesting subject. On one end anything that shows that these books can be broken down into a formula that sells to a demographic (Just like the entertainment industry) makes the cynic in me scream with happiness. On the other end of the spectrum I like to think that there is value in every bit of research no matter what it is for good or for worse. This research has shown how these books can appeal to young adults and wider audiences outside of the preteen demographic. I mean we have TwiMoms (Moms who love Twilight, this is a real thing and its creepy) and some men who follow these young adult books targeted at females with a fervor that would scare some drug addicts. Words have a very profound effect on people. It’s amazing the amount of power that a book can have over our emotions or personality based on the words used in its writing.

What I learned from this is that, “Hunger Games”, seems to appeal to a larger number of people who have a disdain for authority, group worth, and being told what they can’t or can’t do. “Twilight”, appeals to an emotional level, by expressing emotions in such a simplistic way it pulls at the heart strings of the readers and people who haven’t developed emotional fortitude of any kind. Harry Potter appeals to wonder and the allure of imagination by using a lot of words to build the world and give us a sense of wonder. 

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