Dr. Daws or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love this Research Project.



          To be completely and utterly honest I cannot really think of anything I would want to change. Not one thing. Me and my partner in this project learned a lot and developed a good working relationship. I guess for this blog I will make commentary on the process we went through to achieve our first draft of the final project.

            To begin with we had to do a literature review. We a little baffled on how to complete this assignment so away we went to Google to dig up answers on how to write a literature review. The two weeks of snowstorms did not help matters at all. This put us in a bind and seeing that first grade hurt some, but gave us  hope for a better future since we learned from we did wrong.

            Next we had the methodology paper. This might be the only one I would change. If we had the resources I would have loved to done a random sampling method. Most likely simplified random sampling of Netflix subscribers instead of convenience sampling for this project you had us do. This would allow us to gather a broader picture of how viewers feel about Netflix and everything in general. It would also eliminate the whole hindrance of people complaining on social media about us not catering to people who don’t have Netflix.

            Thirdly, we had the thematic analysis which was used to build a codebook around their existing social media. Despite this being our lowest graded paper and one of the biggest headaches we had to deal with. It was also one of the most enjoyable for me at least. Getting to see how a company like Netflix communicates with people was pretty amazing. They keep fighting the good fight and forcing cable companies to keep up (Seave, 2013).

            I guess now at the end of the post I have to change my original statement. The only thing I would change would be our sampling procedure. Everything else I would keep the same. 

Seave, A. (December 30th, 2013). Netflix to Subscribers: We Love You Just The Way You Are. Retrieved from



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